Venturelounge: Navigating the rough waters of seed financing

By Venturef0rth (other events)

Thursday, June 5 2014 6:00 PM 7:30 PM

Venturelounge is a way to dig into a topic totally interactively.

A facilitator will lead a discussion about a topic – anything related to tech/entrepreneurship/startups. This is not one of those one-sided events where someone talks at you. It’s hands-on, gritty, real. This is where all that class participation practice from college will come in handy. Share your own experiences, ask your questions, and learn a whole lot.

Topic: Navigating the rough waters of seed financing

Here are some of the potential discussion topics - come and decide where the conversation goes.

     •    What are red flags to look out for when working with investors?
     •    Is there such a thing as raising too much seed funding?
     •    What are good uses of seed money? Horror stories of BAD uses?
     •    The downside of trying to replicate what another startup has done
     •    What are the pros and cons of going after money from friends/family, accelerators, angels, and large institutions?

Facilitators: Chris McDemus (Baer Crossey) and Jeff Bodle (Morgan Lewis)

June 5

6:00 pm