Venturelounge: Going from idea (wo)man to CEO

By Venturef0rth (other events)

Tuesday, September 16 2014 6:00 PM 7:30 PM

Venturelounge is a way to dig into a topic totally interactively.

A facilitator will lead a discussion about a topic – anything related to tech/entrepreneurship/startups. This is not one of those one-sided events where someone talks at you. This is where all that class participation practice from college will come in handy. Share your own experiences, ask your questions, and learn a whole lot.

Topic: Going from idea (wo)man to CEO

You're an entrepreneur, and you have an awesome idea... and then all of a sudden you are the CEO of a startup. Wait, what?! 

This transition happens all the time, and so many challenges arise when you suddenly become a leader of a team. This discussion will tackle the age-old question "how to become a leader" and dig into how the psychology of human behavior plays an important role with the CEO/team member relationships. We'll talk all about the process of becoming a leader, building an engaged team, keeping a team engaged, and understanding how people work together.

Discussion topics depend on what you want to talk about, so come and decide where the conversation goes! 

Facilitator: Industrial/organizational psychologist Marc Prine

Come at 5:45 pm to grab a beer. The discussion starts at 6:00 pm. (yes, you can still have a beer after 6.)