Venturelounge: the right and wrong ways to hire for a startup

By Venturef0rth (other events)

Wednesday, April 16 2014 6:00 PM 8:00 PM

Venturelounge is a way to dig into a topic totally interactively. A facilitator will lead a discussion about a topic - anything related to startups. This is not one of those one-sided events where someone talks at you. It’s hands-on, gritty, real. This is where all that class participation practice from college will come in handy. Share your own experiences, ask your questions, and learn a whole lot.

Topic: The right and wrong ways to hire for a startup

You’ve probably seen terrible hiring happen in your startup, or you were the one doing it. Come discuss your best techniques for attracting and hiring awesome talent – or, if you suck at it, come become the best hirer there ever was. What’s challenging about your hiring process? Come talk about it. We'll discuss the best ways to define the job, screen candidates, and pick the right person for your team. It’s all here.

Facilitator: Everett Reiss (CEO of HireZoom – a startup all about hiring)