Venturelounge: Bitcoins and the decentralized Internet

By Venturef0rth (other events)

Tuesday, May 13 2014 6:00 PM 8:00 PM

Venturelounge is a way to dig into a topic totally interactively.

A facilitator will lead a discussion about a topic – anything related to tech/entrepreneurship/startups. This is not one of those one-sided events where someone talks at you. It’s hands-on, gritty, real. This is where all that class participation practice from college will come in handy. Share your own experiences, ask your questions, and learn a whole lot.

Topic: Bitcoins and the decentralized Internet

Here are some of the potential discussion topics – come, and decide where the conversation goes.

  • Bitcoin — what it is, how it works, and why it’s interesting
  • The decentralized internet
  • Blockchain: Where the real innovation is occurring
  • “Bitcoin 2.0” – Ethereum, MaidSafe, Bitshares, Mastercoin
  • Bitcoin in PHL — A discussion on bitcoin relative to Philadelphia’s economy
  • Where do we go from here

Facilitator: Mike Tannenbaum, bitcoin enthusiast